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SIP Garden after one month’s growth

Our Sub-irrigated planter garden after one month, four day’s growth. Something dug up my original tomato plantings. I’ve planted some more I had started and they are doing “ok”, but it’s so late, I’ll be surprised if I get any tomatoes this year. I may build a hoop-house greenhouse to try and extend the season… maybe I can get a few green tomatoes that way. We’ll see. The broccoli looks healthy, but grows very slowly. The Zucchini, pumpkin and cucumbers are flowering and growing like crazy. I have some kind of leaf borer, but as it does not seem to be doing a tremendous amount of damage I’m leaving that alone for the moment. I’ll address it if it progresses… I think, considering how late and how rushed this container garden was, it shows great promise for the spring planting!

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